Electric Filtration

Perfect for the home winemaker – this filter comprises an electric pump and a 6-pad filtering system, which filters wine to a high standard without affecting the fundamental characteristics of the wine. The filter can also be disconnected from the pump and be used as a transfer pump on its own. 19mm delivery and suction hoses not included but sold separately.

A 12-pad filtering system is also available but by order only.

  • 20 x 20 filter pad size.
  • Filters pads sold here separately in packets of 10 in coarse 3.0mic, clarify 1.0mic, fine clarify 0.5mic and sterile 0.2mic.
  • Filters 200-300 litres per hour
  • 5HP, 230V, 50HZ

Manual Wine Filter

Ideal for the home winemaker wishing to filter small amounts of wine – 10 to 50L at a time. This manual wine filter is gravity fed so you need to have the wine being filtered situated at a higher level than the filter.  The filter requires one set (2 pads) to operate.

  • Consists of a filter housing with hoses and 1 set of each filter (gross, fine and sterile)
  • Replaceable pads sold here in V8 – gross, V16 – fine and V20 – sterile.

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