Chemicals & Yeast

Chemicals & Yeast

We have a large range of chemicals and yeast for the home winemaker.



PMS (potassium metabisulphite)

  • Antimicrobial preservative, protects wine from spoilage yeast and bacteria
  • Available in powder form 250g or effervescent tablet – each tablet releases 2g of SO2

Tartaric Acid 100g, 500g and 1kg

  • Balances the palate in reds and aids a crisp finish in whites
  • Lowers pH to aid SO2 in preserving wine from spoilage yeast and bacteria

DAP (diammonium phosphate) 100g

  • Nitrogen source for yeast, promotes clean, complete fermentation without off flavours

Bentonite 200g, 500g, 1kg

  • Fining agent. Speeds up clarification in both red and white wines. Removes unstable proteins that may cause haze in wines

Egg White Powder 40g

  • Egg white is a very effective fining agent, long used for clarifying red wines and still widely used in modern winemaking. The rich albumen content in egg white makes it ideal for softening a wine’s astringency by binding and reducing the tannin content.

Premium Barrique Tannin 10g

  • Contributes effectively to the stabilization of the colouring fraction of red wines, simultaneously giving a wine better longevity and resistance to oxidation.

Pectinase 75g

  • Breaks down the pectin in fruit, releasing juice and flavour and enhancing yield

Campden Tablets (potassium sorbate) 50 tablets

  • Used for sterilising and stabilising wine

Wine Stabiliser 50g

  • Used to stop secondary fermentation in wine

Malic Acid 100g

  • Used to increase acid in wine

Ascorbic Acid 25g

  • Is a strong anti-oxidant and can be used at racking stage to prevent oxidation and discolouration in wines. Best results occur when used with Campden tablets.

Tannin 25g

  • It Adds flavour, character and astringency to wine

Citric Acid 100g

  • Used as a final rinse after sterilising equipment to adjust the pH of water used

SMS (sodium metabisulphite) 500g and 1kg

  • Used as a sterilising agent for all wine equipment.

Sulphur rings 5g

  • For sulphiting of wooden barrels and vats by burning

Oxyper 500g

  • Sodium carbonate-hydrogen peroxide based cleaner
  • Used to clean, sterilise and deodorise oak casks together with wine presses vats and tanks. A safe alternative to the use of caustic soda which can damage oak products
  • Oxyper dissolves rapidly, is odour free and will not taint

Pink Stain Remover 500g

  • Chlorinated cleaner
  • Used for cleaning and sterilising all equipment. Ideal for removing stains from glass and plastic


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