Bottles, Corks, Seals and Corking Machines

Bottles, Corks, Seals & Corking Machines
  • 2L flagons.
  • 5L flagons.
  • 750ml green punted cork neck finish.
  • 750ml clear glass punted BVS finish.
  • 750ml antique green glass punted – BVS finish.
  • 375ml clear glass – BVS finish.
Corks and Seals
  • Wine corks in various grades.
  • BVS plastic screwcaps in various colours.
  • PVC heat shrink capsules in various colours.
  • Tapered corks in various sizes.
  • Metal and plastic screw caps for 2L flagons.
  • Plastic champagne stoppers and wires.
  • Tirage seals for champagne bottles
Corking Machines
  • Plastic plunge hand corker.
  • Twin lever corker with adjustable plunger and tapered channel.
  • Floor corkers available with either plastic, brass or stainless steel jaws.

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