Flavour Notes & Additives

Flavour Notes & Additives
  • Sweet Vanillin
    • Imparts a sweet vanilla flavour often found in Whiskey that has been barrel aged. 
  • Mellow Oak
    • Oak extract used to oak age spirits and wines.
  • Distiller’s Caramel
    • Add to adjust darkness of spirit
  • Astringent Notes
    • A sharp bitter astringent flavour that helps to add some bite to the Whiskey.
  • Premium French Oak
    • Used to oak age spirits and wines. Ideal for brandy, whiskey, dark rum and bourbon.
  • Peat Smoke
    •  A strong almost pungent peat smoke flavour that is a very prominent flavour note from Scottish whiskies.
  • Oak Cask
    •  A distinctive rounded oak cask flavour which is a main component in most whiskies
  • Top Shelf Fruity Esters:
    •  Fruity esters are prominent on the nose more than anywhere else. They add a great deal to that whiskey bouquet. 
  • Top Shelf Cedar Oak:
    •  This imparts a distinctive drier oak flavour than the oak cask essence and is often found in Irish style whiskey.
  • Glycerine
    • Smoothing agent
  • Distilling Conditioner
    • Defoaming agent
  • Deluxe Gin Enhancer
    • Add 2-3ml per litre of vodka or alcohol to enhance the flavour of your desired gin mixes


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