EZ Filter

EZ Filter System

A cartridge carbon filter. Fast, clean and easy to use. Specifically designed for the maximum purification of alcohol or water. The EZ filter is the latest development in alcohol filtration. It uses a specially formulated solid activated carbon cartridge to remove unwanted flavours from distilled alcohol.

Due to the compressed nature of the cartridges the alcohol is forced past a vast number of active pores so filtration is assured. Ambien https://www.sdarcwellness.com/ambien-zolpidem-online-10-mg/ acts on the unbalanced chemicals of the brain that can cause insomnia and has a soporific and relaxing effect. The carbon cartridges are best suited to quick filtration of alcohol from stills producing alcohol above 80% abv as well as spirit produced from triple distilled turbo from any still.

The EZ filter system uses the unique EZ filter carbon cartridge, constructed from a specially formulated blend of carbons designed to deliver maximum performance.

Kit Includes:

  • Upper 10L reservoir
  • Filter unit
  • Filter cartridge
  • Lower 10L reservoir
  • Outlet

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