Twine, Netting & Other Accessories

Twine, Netting & Other Accessories
  • Small spoolettes of cotton twine in various combination colours – 125g.
  • Large rolls of white polyester twine – 850m.
  • Large rolls of red and white polyester – 650m

Elastic netting used to hold sausages together. Best suited for dry-cured products that shrink over the curing process.

  • Available in either plain white or red and white
  • 10m rolls
  • Sizes available:
    • #12/40(75)
    • #14/50(90)
    • #16/80(110)
    • #18/70(125)
    • #20/80(140)
    • #22/90(160)
    • #24/100(180)
    • #26/110(200)
    • #30/130(240)

First number is number of squares around tube circumference, second number is flat width of net and third number is the recommended tube application size.

Other Accessories
  • Hog ring stapler and staples
  • Sausage prickers
  • Sausage skin tube applicators


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