Cleaver Dry Ageing Cabinets

Cleaver Dry Ageing Cabinets

Cleaver Dry Ageing Cabinets provide the ideal environment to get the most out of your choice cuts of meat. Whether you’re planning to hang a rib eye on the bone for 60 days or increase your salami season.

Each sleek cabinet is freestanding with tinted, double-glazed glass door, hanging bar and pull-out stainless-steel shelves.

Equipped with heater, compressor cooling, self-evaporating de-humidification, humidifier, passive air-circulation, UV light, and stainless-steel salt-block tray.

Temperature, de-humidification and internal light are controlled via the LED panel.

The Bullock

The Bullock is made to fit into any kitchen. Sized to fit under a regular kitchen bench it is the ideal replacement for your old dishwasher, allowing you a steady supply of dry aged steaks and homemade salami.

  • Height: 820mm
  • Width: 595mm
  • Depth: 570mm
  • Volume: 127L
  • Meat Capacity: 10 to 15kg
  • Temperature: 1°C to 25°C
  • Humidity: 60% to 85%
The Ox

The deluxe dry ageing cabinet with stacks of hanging space for whole sections of beef or venison. Also capable of curing a sizeable salami batch or a few large prosciuttos.

  • Height: 1720mm
  • Width: 595mm
  • Depth: 710mm
  • Volume: 388L
  • Meat Capacity: 60kg+
  • Temperature: 1°C to 25°C
  • Humidity: 60% to 85%

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