Cheese and Fermented Food

Cheese & Fermented Food
Italian Cheese Kit

This kit makes mozzarella, ricotta, mascarpone and more.

Designed to be used in any kitchen. No cheesemaking experience needed. No artificial flavours or preservatives and is vegetarian.

  • Makes over 10 batches of cheese – 6kg in total
  • Fresh Italian mozzarella and bocconcini – approximately 600g/batch
  • Ricotta – approximately 400g/batch
  • Ricotta salata – approximately 100g/batch
  • Burrata
  • Mascarpone – approximately 700g/batch
Kit includes:

Small ricotta mould with draining container, vegetarian rennet tablets (10), cheese salt, cheese cloth, citric acid, pipette, calcium chloride, steriliser, stainless steel thermometer, kit instructions and recipes.

Fresh Cheese Kit:

This fresh cheese kit provides you with everything you need to make an array of fresh artisan cheese at home.

This kit is ideal for beginners and makes up to 7kg of fresh cheese.

  • Feta- approximately 800g/batch
  • Halloumi- approximately 600g/batch
  • Halloumi- approximately 600g/batch
  • Cottage cheese- approximately 300g/batch
  • Quark- approximately 300g/batch
Kit includes:

Cheese cloth, cheese salt, square feta moulds (2), steriliser, mesophilicstarter culture (MW3), vegetarian rennet tablets (10), stainless steel thermometer, cheese mat, calcium chloride, pipette, culture and enzyme measuring spoons.

Mad Millie Kombucha Kit

Make your own Kombucha using the live culture (SCOBY), which turns sweetened tea into a delicious, fizzy beverage. Fermenting kombucha yourself gives you the creative license to have as much or as little tart, zing as you want.

Once activated your SCOBY can be reused to brew your own delicious booch time and time again. Your 1L brew is also the perfect starter culture for bigger fermenting vessels or crocks.

We have available:

  • 1 x 1L glass jar
  • 1 x metal closure lid
  • 1 x thermometer
  • 1 x organic kombucha SCOBY
  • 1 x muslin cloth
  • 1 x how to guide
Fermenting Crock

Make your own nutritious sauerkraut, kimchi and other fermented vegetables.

Numerous studies have shown the beneficial health effects of fermented food, especially fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut or kimchi. Fermenting vegetables is a tasty way to preserve while locking in all the healthy enzymes and probiotics.

This 3L fermenting crock fits up to two medium sized cabbages and makes two 1L jars full of sauerkraut or kimchi which lasts up to three months when stored in the fridge.

Kit includes:

3L handmade ceramic fermenting crock, 2 x traditional clay weights, instructions and recipes.


Height without lid: 22.2cm, height with lid: 26cm, base diameter: 16cm, opening diameter: 8.8cm

  • Cheese moulds
  • Vegetarian rennet – both liquid and tablet form
  • Cultures – both for cheese kits and fermented food kits. Always check on availability
  • Cultures – fermented vegetables, kefir, non-dairy yoghurt, mild dairy yoghurt, ABC probiotic, Mesophilic.
  • Cheese cloth
  • Artisan salt, citric acid
  • Thermometers
  • Draining bag for curds
  • Various size jars

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