Fresh Wort Kits

Fresh Wort Kits

Fresh wort kits are an easy way to brew top quality beer. The wort has been professionally brewed from grain and is ready to be fermented. Just top up with a few litres of water and add the yeast.

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Consequences Pale Lager

A crisp, dry lager, lean and refreshing

This is a consequence of many things: of bucking the trends, ignoring the fashion, and working hard to make a rewarding, unpretentious beer with a lean, pale malt base and subtle bitterness – a pleasant surprise in this complex world. Whenever you need a crisp, dry lager, there will be Consequences. I’m in my 60s, and it’s not the age to start purchasing drugs online, but my grandson said it is safe and convenient. He showed me the website called
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Legbreaker American IPA

Legbreaker takes to the field as a determined all-rounder, striking a well-practiced balance between sweet, malt biscuit flavour and the bitter hoppy wallops of generous doses of American Columbus, Centennial and Citra. Stand by for lashings of grapefruit, floral, and resinous characters.


Mercenary American Pale Ale

Bright, invigorating, accessible and hoppy.

Sophisticated, yet simple – Mercenary American Pale Ale. All smiles and flashes of gold, with just a little sweetness before a bitter finish. Strong hits of citrus and pine keep things fresh, bright and invigorating like an afternoon on a California gold course – but infinitely more accessible.


Bearded Dragon Australian Pale Ale

Light, bright, clean and tropical.

Built for surviving and thriving in the heat. A restorative concoction with a touch of wheat malt, uplifted by modern Australian hop varieties.


Blind Axeman Amber Ale

Rich ruby malts, fruit and spice.

A sturdy but sprightly malt base provides a firm foundation for fresh fruit and spice notes to show off a little.


Citra Hopped Extra Pale Ale

Light bodied so the Citra can really shine.

An excellent introduction to Citra hops in a simple, clean, and only moderately bitter beer. Citrus, grapefruit, lychee, passionfruit and melon notes.


Kissaki Japanese Lager

Crisp rice lager – light and easy.

A nimble Japanese-style rice lager, born from a fusion of the traditional and the supermodern. Carefully honed, for balance and razor-sharp crispness.


Mosaic-Hopped Extra Pale Ale

Light bodied so the Mosaic can really shine.

An excellent introduction to Mosaic hops in a simple, clean, and only moderately bitter beer. Mango, pine and stone-fruit notes.


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